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We want to extend ourselves, but things get in the way. Most of those obstacles—like not enough time or no knowing what to say are reflections of our fear and vulnerability. It’s hard to put yourself out in the world if you think you will be judged harshly.

Take a moment to think about someone who has encouraged you and what it meant. They may have felt as uncomfortable as you do, but went ahead and did it anyway. There are many ways to start small.

Each week, we invite you to submit a name and email with a few details about what encouragement would mean. We then write a note and share the note – not the name or details that would reveal the identity of the person.

We use these as examples and will share them on our Blog every Friday.

What we invite you to do in return, is share the stories of what happened for you and for them. Sometimes you won’t know and that’s fine. Other times, you will see visible transformation. Please share those stories.

If you want to nominate someone to receive a letter from us, scroll down the page and fill out the form.

We will never share your information.


Nominate Someone to Encourage


Nominate a person who you want to encourage and tell us a little about their challenge. We will keep their names and email private but will send them an encouragement in your name and share the content of the note on our blog so you get some ideas for your own Encouragement Project!

We can’t choose every nomination, but take a chance and, if you are chosen, share your results!


Time to Send Encouragement!

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Your Name
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Encouragee's Name (if this is for someone else)
Their name will never be shared with anyone. All entries are kept anonymous.
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Encouragee's Address
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(For example: To see their strength or potential, for courage, perseverance, strength, etc.) Please be as specific as possible. Tell us a bit about them and what you love about them, or about the challenges they are facing. This will help us with personalizing their encouragement.
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Thank you for giving rocket fuel to someone’s life!


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