The Difference You Make Sticks with You

I was listening to Storycorps, the wonderful podcast that shares the most important stories of people lives.

The theme was Reconnection and the story was about a Sal, local barber who was walking home one day and he heard a woman scream. He looked up to where the scream came from and he saw a baby hurtling towards him. He had fallen out of a window on the fifth floor.

Quick thinking prevailed and the barber whipped off his coat just in time to catch the baby. The baby broke his nose but was otherwise fine.

Years later the baby, Marvin, now grown started looking for the barber. They found each other and were both so grateful

But the real gold in this story was the impact it made on Sal.

He kept the jacket and never washed it. He considered that one act, the most important thing he ever did. He always wondered what happened to Marvin and was so thrilled when they got to meet.

What you need to know is that Sal was a popular barber. He loved people and served them well.

He loved giving little boys their first haircut, telling them: “Hey, your mom told me you were getting married. Is that true?”

He made them giggle and they loved him. High school students came too and told him their problems - barbers are, after all great counselors. Just visit any barbershop or hair salon.

This act not only saved a life, it encouraged Sal for the rest of his life.

Think about that and ask yourself this question: If I encouraged one person every day, including myself, how would my life change?

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