Stop Waiting for Someone to Go First

It feels so good when someone stops to notice your fabulousness, doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I think I could get used to a little more of it.

It isn’t that I don’t hear it- I hear it alot and I notice how good it makes me feel. It started me wondering what it would be like to hear it more often or deliver it more? Like seeing how weaving it into my day might change things.

I’ve said so many times: “We’re all still in 7th grade.” We wonder if we’re saying the right thing, how someone will take it, whether we are judged. If we think we’ve said something wrong we spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting what we could have said and beating ourselves up for saying it, not saying it or not being perfect. Remember 7th grade ? It was Groundhog Day for that kind of thing.

Now think of a recent occasion when someone took the time to tell you specifically what you do well, what you said that made a difference, how you made them feel, the hope you instilled at just the right moment. Go back to that very moment and remember how their comment made YOU feel.

Whether it was delivered verbally or in writing, they took the time to notice something that you said or did that was special, thought about it, made time in their day to tell you. That is special.

Encouragement is like a muscle. You start out small and practice and pretty soon you incorporate it into your life as a practice. It’s then that everything changes. Even if it was good before, it’s better now. The best part is that unlike building muscle, you see the results immediately!

Think about what specifically encourages you. Then, choose 1 person that you will see in the coming day and think of one thing you appreciate about them that you can either verbalize or put in a tiny note.

After you deliver your comment, notice how you feel. This is a practice that is even better for the person delivering the message than the person who is the recipient!

Share your results with us!