How Things Look and How Things Really Are

When you look at this rockface, you see a flat rock with some cracks. Impossible to climb right?

If a rock climber looked at it, he/she would see certain rises in the stone that would be enough to find a grip for a hand to lift the body up to start a climb. Next, he/she would find more irregularities in which to place his/her foot. Then the actions would be repeated until the top was crested.

Each day, we are faced with such invisible opportunities to make a difference by encouraging someone.

I’m taking a podcasting course right now and there are someone around 3-400 people who are taking it. One of the things that jumped out at me recently was an assignment to do a first recording and ask for feedback from the group. Everyone is asked to give only constructive feedback, no criticism.

Each time someone put themselves out there by sharing their recording, they got wonderful feedback. Almost every one of them thanked the person for their encouragement.

Support feels so good. It somehow verifies to us that we are on the right track, that we should keep going, in spite of the rockface of our project looking flat and unscalable. Adding encouragment to someone who is up to something that feels big to them, is like adding propulsion. It gives extra velocity to those already in action.

What are you up to? What words of support would help you move forward.

Please take a minute and share your ideas on this.

Dale PowerComment