Awesoming Your Day

I know, awesoming isn’t a word - or at least, it’s probably not yet reached the dictionary.

It started when my boys, ages 6 and 8 at the time, discovered hair gel and the wonders it could produce.

They had just finished their baths and as I walked into the hallway to check their progress, I found them standing in front of a full-length mirror combing gel through their hair.

I asked them what they were doing through all the hilarity. They replied: “We’re awesoming our hair.”

I have to admit, some of the ways they could make their hair stand on end was, completely awesome.

Their joy was contagious.

Yesterday, I stopped for gas on my way to a meeting.

The fuel bays had a few young people in uniform standing in the bays. As I got out of my car, one of them approached me and asked if I would like her to wash my windshield. She told me they were doing the extra service just to remind their customers to come back.

She chatted with me, starting by asking how my day was going. We moved on to what we were doing that day and had a sweet conversation, full of caring, cheer and happiness. It was awesome. I was fine before I arrived but better when I left.

Before I departed, I told her she had made my day. I asked her to pass that message on to her supervisor too.

It takes so little to make someone’s day. It creates positive energy that no one has yet learned how to bottle.

What do you do to make the day for the people you meet throughout your day?