Starting a Practice of Encouragement

Encouragement is such an ordinary word. We take it for granted like all the other important things in our life: food, shelter, warmth or cool from the hear.

When we lift it out of the ordinariness we assign it, that’s when it becomes rocket fuel.

My son Stuart called me the other day. We somehow found ourselves talking about people who made a difference in our lives at a specific time. He told me he was still in touch with several of his teachers from high school

Stu was a gregarious kid with some rather large organizational challenges at the time. He would bring a book to class but no paper or paper and a book, but no pencil - you get the picture.

He was and still is a true individual walking through the school year in bermuda shorts, Birkenstocks and a colorful shirt. We used to wonder at his courage that was always in evidence in being himself. We also wondered what he would end up doing. (He works for Trader Joes’s.)

Stu emailed one of these teachers recently telling him what a wonderful infulence he had and how much he appreciated what he taught my son.

The teacher, of course, was surprised and so thrilled.

It took only a few minutes, he made a difference for someone who had made a difference for him.

Appreciation is an add-on. Maybe that’s why it’s so scarce. It isn’t necessary but it can move mountains on certain days.

It’s always nice to know that something you did had a positive effect, not necessary, but it’s fuels the circle of love that if practiced consistently will change the world.

Have you started your practice yet?

Who can you appreciate today?

Who has made a difference for you this week?