Wisdom from Maggie: Loving Our Quirks

This picture may look like an Airedale lying down in nap formation. Did you notice her paw? Up in the air?

It's the way she sleeps. Sort of like Marie Antoinette with her hand in the air waving off the things or people that are distracting to her beauty.

She sleeps like this - always. Right paw up in the air dangling. It looks weirdly uncomfortable, but it's part of who she is.

You might also note the selection of crumbs below her. These are the leftover crumbs from the biscuit she ate several minutes before the nap. She simply does not pick up crumbs. She is extremely particular.

Her quirks are what make her lovable. She spends no time trying to get rid of them or be like other dogs.

She is a living lesson in loving yourself with all the quirks and no apologies.

We live in a culture of comparison and criticism. Individualism is touted in word only because, if you have noticed lately, when someone is or says something a bit different, they might be shamed, judged or criticized.

I'm taking my lessons from Maggie. It's hard to be myself sometimes. Especially when what I am saying or doing provokes a response when I feel judged as somehow inadequate or not good enough.

She is a good and constant reminder to be who I am with all the creativity and all the warts and to stand up for others who are doing the same.

Someone reminded me the other day: "We are all here to help each other." That's what makes the world spin a little better.

What kind of reminders help you to be who you are?