The Wisdom of Maggie: Experiencing Joy

If you have a dog, you already know that they are joyful creatures. They spread that joy in small, but consistent ways. Here’s Maggie’s recipe:

5 am - There is no question that the first thing we must do is walk. Good for her, good for me. She sits by my bed with quiet insistence until, if I try to keep sleeping, she starts barking at me. She will not be ignored!

5:30 am- She insists on being fed and for extra love, a biscuit. I start the day getting out of myself, doing something that is for someone else. She has raised my awareness and the sun hasn’t even risen yet!

6 am- Nap. She knows how to take care of herself. I work.

Sometime in the morning - a long walk in a beautiful park or open space. This is where she shines and uses her encouragement muscles. She’s a social diva. It makes her day to meet other dogs but she also makes sure she greets all the people that walk by with a loving greeting and if they stop, she leans into them to love them. She looks up at them and smiles. It melts the hearts of anyone who meets her.

Noon - 5 pm - Nap time

5 pm - She arrives at my desk with a glittering stare that tells me it’s time for her dinner. Like the morning, if I keep trying to work, she starts to bark at me. She may not speak like we do, but she sure knows how to communicate!

5:15 - Biscuit - There is no ability to vary this routine. If I sit down, forgetting this step, she makes sure by either grabbing my shoes and flipping them around the room or again, barking until I rise to get a biscuit for her.

8 pm - Quick walk

9- Bed

Maggie’s greatest joy is giving love to everyone she meets. She takes care of herself and stands up for what she needs - in no uncertain terms and she loves everyone she meets (with the exception of snarly, unfriendly dogs)- she doesn’t tolerate them.. She will NOT be ignored! The joy she infuses into my life and all of those who know her is a pretty great testament to living this way.