Leaving the Herd

The herd acts like everyone else. Being in the herd is comfortable, safe and it’s a good place to hide. It’s low-risk.

But… remember the day you learned to ride your bike without holding onto the handlebars? That’s the feeling you get when you leave the herd and start leading a more intentional life.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable at times. Yes, it takes you out of your comfort zone.

“Growth and comfort seldom ride the same horse.”

Using the tools of encouragement is a relatively safe way to leave the herd. You don’t have to leave permanently but when you start practicing the tools, you’ll find yourself on a journey that will become so interesting and joyful that you won’t want to turn back.

I posted a practice on Facebook this morning about Making Someone’s Day. Each day you decide to give at least one person a compliment. It will take you out of yourself. Then, at the end of the day, give yourself one. Jot down your results in one or two sentences every day and see what happens.

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