A List of Inspiration for When You Need It Most

I don’t know about you, but every so often I fall into a place where nothing seems right.

I wish I could say that I was organized enough to think of this but organization is something I have to work at every day – so nope, it came from someone else. It’s a great idea though I so I took some liberty and made my own.

Keep a list of things you love and that you love to do that will lift you up when you need it most – love this!

Here is the one I’m starting for myself – feel free to add your ideas!

  1. Keep a really great book in reserve. The worst thing is to finish a terrific book and have nothing to read next.

  2. Think of your top twenty favorite songs and put them in Itunes. Play at will. I also have folders of songs that inspire me, songs that get me off my rear end, songs to walk to , etc.

  3. Name five people you can thank this week and actually write them a note – no email! Extra credit if you make it arty! You’ll be amazed at the response and it will make you a believer in the power of hand-written notes.

  4. Identify 10 outrageous wishes for yourself – if they’re really important create an action plan for one of them. You probably have not idea how powerful you can be – so go ahead, start dreaming!

  5. Think of 5 places to walk that inspire you. Mix it up between town, country and gardens. In a town or city, make the walk special by focusing on a specific aspect of the place you are – the artchitecture, the art, etc. In the country, shady walks, river walks, field walks – you get the picture. Garden walks are slow and appreciative. I am blessed to live in a place with a huge number of incredible public gardens throughout my region. These are going on a field trip list – at least the ones I haven’t yet seen.

  6. Name 5 road trips you will take this year and plan everything you want to do on them. Anticipation is where a large percentage of the fun is.

  7. Find at least 3 people who make you laugh and arrange to meet them often.

  8. Identify 10 movies that are cathartic enough to make you cry buckets- cheap therapy.

  9. Name 5 field trips you want to take (short day trips close by) that can change your outlook.

  10. Name 3 things you are grateful for. Keep a journal to remind yourself what you notice.

  11. Start your bucket list.

  12. Make a booklet of 10 quotes that inspire you when you most need it.

Just making this list should make you feel inspired. Writing this post did that for me.

I’m excited to get started. Now…. which one shall I pick?

Dale Power