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So it’s imperative, if you want success, to find the tools and techniques that will help you stay the course. The one thing that will make all the difference is Encouragement: finding and giving it.
— Dale
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I am a serial entrepreneur.

I have owned a catering company, a children’s entertainment company, and a marketing company.

I have walked this path for many years, and what I have learned is that it’s easy to get discouraged. We all have times when the fear of doing what seems impossible gets overwhelming, and we slow down or start thinking about quitting.

So it’s imperative, if you want success, to find the tools and techniques that will help you stay the course. The one thing that will make all the difference is encouragement: finding and giving it.

There is not one person in the world whose path is an easy one.

Life has a tendency to knock us around from time to time. Sometimes, it all just gets pretty overwhelming. By encouraging ourselves, and raising our skills in this area, we become available to give to others who need a boost. The energy created in those moments explodes and creates new ideas, new friends, and new opportunities.

It has taken me a long time to realize that life outside my comfort zone was a whole lot more interesting—especially when it allows me to create miracles with such a small amount of effort. Join our Facebook community and participate in helping us grow this group through our stories and conversation.


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Many years ago, when participating in a workshop to find one’s gifts…

…I remembered that people have always mentioned that I have a talent for encouraging others. Like so many of us, I overlooked this important observation for a very long time; that is, until I worked in a school for kids with learning issues. The school had a culture of encouragement and it became clear that this was the one factor, perhaps the most important, in helping these kids believe in themselves. When you read or hear the stories of people who have faced great challenges, it is nearly always true that there is someone in the background whose encouragement inspired them to keep going.

Eighteen years ago my life exploded.

Everything that could possibly go wrong did. The only thing that saved me was my faith—and a guardian angel in the clothing of the minister of my church who reflected that I was smart enough and brave enough to get through it. It was his encouragement that I went back to again and again when I was found myself spiraling down a rabbit hole of hopelessness.

Step by step, I rebuilt my life. The many miracles along the way were provided by many who said or did something that helped me believe that I could overcome any difficulties.


The most important realization was the understanding of my strengths and my gifts for encouraging others.

Everyone has dark times, and even when times aren’t dark, doubt creeps in and we need a big or little boost. We can do that for ourselves and for each other.

Someone once said: “We’re all here to help each other.”

I have adopted that as a philosophy I choose to live by.


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